ASHI Blended Courses

As a Training Center for the American Safety & Health Institute, HSC | CPR Tally is offering blended courses in CPR AED, First Aid, Basic Life Support, and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support.

Blended learning combines online delivery of educational content with the best features of classroom interaction and live instruction to personalize learning, allow thoughtful reflection, and differentiate instruction from student to student across a diverse group of learners. The blended learning is online training in place of the classroom portion.

HSC | CPR Tally gives the student the freedom to take a blended training with live, online remote skills verification. With RSV, students benefit from real-time feedback and guidance from instructors to correctly demonstrate the required hands-on skills and complete a two-year certification. RSV is a fully-integrated portal that delivers live remote hands-on skills verification with blended training options. Once the skills covered in the course are correctly demonstrated via video conferencing, rental manikin is returned, and a two-year ASHI certification card is provided.

Blended courses includes the online course, a loaner manikin, supplies, cleaning, return shipping label, certification card, a single video session for skills verification

Students must have a smartphone with camera or a computer (laptop, desktop, tablet) with webcam for the skills session.