IV Therapy & Administration Course

The 40-hour IV Therapy & Administration course provides guidelines for the delivery and safe management of Intravenous therapy. This course will provide an understanding of various aspects of I.V. Therapy and Blood withdrawals; factors that affect flow rates of I.V. solutions; recognize complications related to blood withdrawals, arterial punctures and venipunctures; recognize local and systemic reactions related to intravenous therapy; define proper use of specific IV therapy, arterial puncture and blood withdrawal equipment; correlate the IV fluid container label with the name of the solution as commonly ordered; differentiate actions, dosages, side effects, and nursing implications of specified intravenous solutions; examine the variances between techniques used in adult and pediatric IV therapy; discuss situations related to IV therapy and legal implications; infection control standards and the scope of practice.

This course is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing.